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Andrew Pritzker

Writer, Producer


Awarded as a Nicholl Fellowship Finalist for the female driven Western, Sweet in the Saddle, Andrew, a Philly native with a BFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College and an MFA from USC's School of Cinematic Arts, lived and worked in LA for 17 years as a screenwriter and script doctor. Relocating to Kansas City to teach screenwriting and create Qikfinger Films, he was awarded Best Director for his sci-fi short, EPG, and Devil's Food Cake, his short thriller, remains an audience cult favorite on Amazon Prime. Having placed in the Nichols Fellowship seven times, Andrew created his production company, Qikfinger Films to produce, write and direct films amidst KC's thriving indie film scene. Having authored several feature scripts and a slate in preproduction, Andrew remains eager to create and produce movies.


Michael Slifkin

Archstone Distribution/Archstone

Partner/Principal of Archstone Entertainment, a vertically integrated, filmmaker friendly group of companies including: Archstone Distribution (worldwide distribution/sales company); Archstone North America (domestic distribution/sales and theatrical releasing); and Archstone Pictures (content production and co-production company).

Mr. Slifkin is an award winning Producer and Filmmaker with more than 30 years of film and television industry related experience and over 100 feature film and television credits as Producer, Executive Producer and/or Worldwide Distributor/Sales company.

Michael has an extensive background in production, development, packaging, financing, content acquisition, worldwide sales and distribution, contract preparation and negotiations, budget preparation and supervision, business management, and the development of numerous corporate strategic alliances and business ventures.

Erica Steele

Producer/Line Producer

Lady in Blue Productions, Inc.

Ms. Steele brings 15 years of business organization and accounting, as well as creative/art expertise to her eighteen years of professional experience in filmmaking.

These business accounting and organization skills have served her well in budgeting for feature films, keeping those films on budget, negotiating deals, and in pulling together a successful film crew. Ms. Steele has produced and line produced twelve independent feature films, including "Awaken", with Daryl Hannah, and Vinnie Jones, "Road Wars", "Chariot", "Don't Kill It" with Dolph Lundgren, Syfy original "Empire of the Sharks" with John Savage, and most recently "Big Kill" with Jason Patric, Lou Diamond Phillips and Danny Trejo.

She has a uniquely comprehensive experience as a filmmaker, having worked in many capacities, including director, editor, producer, line producer, production designer, casting director (8 feature films), editor (10 feature films), visual effects (10 feature films) and more. 



Hal “Corky” Kessler 

Legal Representation

Helping clients make film and TV projects happen, building teams to move projects forward, Hal Kessler has been the attorney and/or executive producer on over 25 films. He’s also been a featured speaker at Sundance, Cannes, Toronto and other Film Festivals. 


Advocating for film growth and legislation to encourage film investing, Hal Kessler has been instrumental on the application and extensions for Section 181 of the American Jobs Creation Act, 2004 providing incentives for films and television. 

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