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Saint Grady Western, LLC

Created in association with Qikfinger Films to produce, Saint Grady, an Western Feature written by award winning filmmaker and screenwriter Andrew Pritzker,  Saint Grady Western was formed with a singular purpose, to create a classic American tale.

Formed specifically under US Section 181, the federal incentive dedicated to keeping film production in the US, Saint Grady will offer investors an enticing tax benefit and a rare ROI opportunity.

Streaming and co-theatrical distribution have created a burgeoning niche market for genre films marketed directly to SVOD and AVOD audiences across the globe and Saint Grady  aims to deliver.

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Writer's Statement 
The Western cuts to the heart like no other genre, part history, part myth, it encompasses the cultural manifest destiny of the American spirit. At it's best, the Western is a morality tale, a competition between greed, ambition, ethics, and what Lincoln called, "Our better angels." The mythic frontier offers an ideal of possibilities in a remote land without fences, without cell phones and connectivity, a hard land where survival and sustenance is dependent upon individual morality and fortitude. In the Western microcosm past and present are put to the test as a reflection of who we are and where we are going. Saint Grady, a character driven Western with a delicate romance, pits the letter of the law against its spirit, the law's moral intent led astray by hard feelings and blind ambition. Saint Grady puts our, "better angels" to the test. Inspired by such films as High Noon, True Grit, The Quiet Man, and Unforgiven, Saint Grady is meant to be more than a genre film. It’s meant to be a classic.
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